Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tutor Tip #1 - Facilitating Learner-to-Tutor Transformation

How we approach learners impacts how much they learn. Meaning, if we ask learners, “Did you get the right answer?” We get an answer of yes or no. No learning occurs.

If instead, we say: “Teach me what you just learned.” Learning takes on meaning, and misunderstandings can now be reviewed, renegotiated, and rectified.

As tutors, we know that we can’t truly teach something well if we don’t understand what we are teaching. The same theory holds true for our learners. Until they know the concept or task well enough to explain it to someone else, then they haven’t truly learned it.

So, let them teach you. 

When you are comfortable that they understand, then please notice when another learner needs to learn the same concept or task. Let the knowledgeable learner do the teaching. Feel free to hover nearby – for (moral) support – but let the learner do the teaching.

Herein lies power – this simple moment in time then adds to the learner’s feelings of self-esteem and empowerment!!! And, you were the one to facilitate this transfer of power. Bravo!

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