Monday, September 30, 2013

Wish List

Office/classroom equipment
¨ Smartboard on stand with laptop + projection equipment
¨ 2 desktop computers with printers (DVD, rewritable CD, use with projection equipment, digital movie + still cameras; software--MSword, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Adobe pdf maker, DVD/video editing software, Reading Horizons phonics software)
¨ White board—6’ x 4’ white erase board
¨ Floor-to-ceiling bookcases (6’ high with adjustable shelves and enclosed sides + backs)

Marketing materials
¨ brochures—print 1,000 brochures
¨ bookmarks—print 1,000 (for distribution at events)

Teaching equipment/materials
¨ Teaching Adults books (a reference book for tutors)
¨ instructional skill books, manuals, + support materials
¨ literacy software
¨ high interest/low-level books
¨ used computers (in good condition with word processing + wireless internet connection) to be used by adult learners

¨ schedule Literacy Action Center as a speaker at local clubs, organizations, or businesses
¨ donate thank you gifts and incentives for tutors, such as gift certificates for movies, bagels, or chocolates
¨ donate thank you gifts and incentives for learners, such as gift certificates for movies, bagels, or chocolates
¨ prepare + serve lunch for Tutor Training Workshops (+ clean up after lunch)
¨ purchase + serve dinner to 200 people at our annual Recognition Dinner
¨ provide food + space for our June and August fundraisers
¨ donate a gift basket to our June and August fundraisers
¨ bring 5 enthusiastic friends to our June and August fundraisers
¨ write stories for adult learners to practice reading
¨ gift wrap for us for 2 hours at a time in December at a bookstore
¨ coordinate gift wrapping in December at a bookstore

¨ an hour of group reading instruction ($25)
¨ a 2-day Tutor Training Workshop ($100)
¨ a tutor/adult learner partnership ($100-$800)
¨ a table at our annual Recognition Dinner ($200)
¨ a “set of 4 chairs” at our annual fundraisers ($250)
¨ 3 staff at annual national literacy conference ($5000)

¨ volunteers—tutor (3 hours/week) or Board of Trustee member (6 hours/month); Treasurer (8 hours/month)
¨ billboards—signage design + printing plus rental fees for outdoor billboards + outside of buses
¨ posters—design + print (to hang in public spaces)
¨ annual Adult Learner Writings booklet—bookbinding/print 200 books; provide postage for distribution
¨ annual Recognition Dinner program—print 150
¨ newsletters—print 1200 copies quarterly; provide postage for distribution
¨ invitations—print invitations for Recognition Dinner; print invitations for June and August fundraisers; provide postage for distribution
¨ reading materials—print original low-level reading materials for beginning adult readers
¨ PSA—produce 30-second + 15-second video/DVD to show on TV; produce 15-second + 30-second audio for radio
¨ PSA—produce 2-minute CD/DVD to show at work places (to recruit adult learners + volunteers)

¨ learning/teaching supplies: reams of white copy paper; reams of colored paper (especially pink, cherry, green, yellow, canary, gray, cream, goldenrod, buff, blue, turquoise, salmon, peach, or tan); white-erase markers (black, blue, red); spiral notebooks; #2 soft pencils
¨ training supplies: name tags (peel and stick); duo-tang folders (with 3-holes +2 pockets; any color)
¨ address labels: Avery 5160