Thursday, August 20, 2015

Literacy Action Center Registration Form

Volunteer/Tutor Training Workshops: Information & Registration

We need many volunteers.  We are always in need of good volunteers to work as tutors, on our Board of Trustees, in our office, and on special projects (e.g., marketing & fundraising). We appreciate your help in whatever way you wish to serve. For more information, please check out this list of volunteer opportunities. While all volunteers are expected to complete volunteer training, you can read the "Job Description" of a volunteer tutor.


   We currently accept completed workshop registration forms (with checks) delivered by mail or hand-delivered to our office. The cost of our training workshop is $35* for anyone who tutors through our program. [Note: This training is $135 for anyone tutoring for some other program or on his or her own.]
   Regardless of your tax situation, no part of this training fee is tax-deductible. Your entire workshop fee goes toward this two-day training. You also receive a one-year membership with ongoing staff support.
   In addition to participating in this two-day workshop, we also expect you to complete several on-line trainings, attend tutor talks, and participate in at least one state-sponsored workshop as well as donate more than 100 instructional hours annually.

*Some scholarship funds may be available for our volunteer tutors in the initial two-day workshop. Please call us at 801/265-9081 for more information. 

Below is the registration form.  Please complete the form and deliver it to our office with your check.  We will send you confirmation of your enrollment and further instructions a few days before the workshop begins. If these dates do not meet your schedule, contact us for future workshop dates. [Note: If we do not fill a training session, then your enrollment will transfer to the next training workshop.]

Literacy Action Center, 3595 S Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Phone: 801/265-9081   -   Email:
Our office is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
If no one answers the phone, please leave a clear, detailed message.

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Literacy Action Center 
Volunteer/Training Registration Form
(please print)

I am interested in attending training on:  

___ Two-day Tutor Training Workshop (9AM - 2PM on both Saturdays)
        Workshop date applying for:


Mailing Address:

City, State Zip Code:

Phone number: 


Amount of fee enclosed: $

Please make your check payable to: Literacy Action Center
Mail this form and your check to the address above or bring it in. 

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